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Originally founded as a personal site (previously known as @freelancedota), DotaTheory is a fan site for Dota 2 founded in 2015. DotaTheory is a part of a growing network, MobaTheory, dedicated to creating the foremost community of theorycrafters, analysts and fans for competitive MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) esports titles.


MobaTheory is about fostering a community and creating the best independent gaming content. There's lots of other guide websites out there—our goal is to only present truly new ideas. Our guides will always be what is mathematically optimal, even when that doesn't line up with what's popular. In fact, that's exactly when we make a guide.

What types of posts can I submit?

There are two ways to contribute: You can submit either complete web pages like we feature here at @freelanceDota, OR you can submit the idea for a post. Ideas for posts should be submitted via our Forum. To upload a full post for consideration, it must meet a certain set of criteria.

What are the criteria for post submissions?

For now, the following 4 rules will be used to judge submitted posts:

I. Is the content visually pleasing?

II. Is the post original (not plagiarized) and creative?

III. Is the post self-consistent? Does it support its assertions with statistics, figures or models?

IV. For custom concepts, would the idea fit into Dota today?

What do I get for contributing?

Contributors who submit a certain number of posts will eventually become partners with access to moderation powers and VIP permissions, able to bypass admin approval for posts. This functionality is currently not implemented.

Freelance_Fox (admin)


Hi I'm Jon, aka freelance, and so far this project is just me. I'a 24yo Software Engineer from Florida. My favorite thing about Dota is that feeling of innovation when something clever works, and after coming up with several ideas I feel could have really impacted the meta I decided I should share them. Although not necessarily intended for newer players, practically anyone can benefit from what I would call the scientific approach to Dota that I teach. One of my beliefs, for example, is that item order and itemization in general can be viewed as an equation with a set solution or solutions—perhaps one day we can come up with an algorithm to do it for us. Until then, we need to look deeper than just winrates and professional trends to find answers—which is something I hope I can inspire others to do as well.


I started playing in November 2011, shortly after TI1, and calibrated at 3.5k shortly after the MMR system was released. I've never really cared much about MMR, and the objectively worse quality of ranked games has driven me to mostly play unranked RD (my favorite mode). I watch massive amounts of pro Dota though, many times more than I've played. In general, I love drafting and favor playmaking cores and sometimes supports, but not hard carries or hard supports. I play a lot of mid but I'm more of a team player, and my hero pool tends more towards Dendi/s4 than your hard carry mid players. These days I haven't been playing as frequently so I'm not as well rounded, but if I ever get to climbing or streaming I'm sure that can be fixed!

My OpenDota page:


I casted a couple small local LANs back in 2014, and have attempted to cover a few small online events with no English coverage since then. The main reason I haven't casted more regularly is that I want to develop software to provide a better user interface more than I want to just simply cast. Such is the curse of being a software engineer. If anyone wants to work with me in the meantime, reach out.