Proteus, the Kraken Spawn

Radiant, Intelligence

Support / Initiator / Escape


Proteus is a fast-paced support hero whose abilities allow it to quickly get in and out of combat, using Jet, while also repositioning allies or enemies with Razorwind and providing burst damage or a damage shield with Polyp. Proteus's ultimate, Rarefaction, grants reduced non-ultimate cooldowns to allies nearby, making Proteus a useful pick in strategies that involve grouping up and teamfighting.

↓ Background Info ↓

"In the deep, I await."


As Maelrawn's tentacle was lopped off by Admiral Kunkka, she screamed in agony and, enraged, discarded the appendage to settle to the barren sea floor. Forgotten as quickly as a replacement grew in, the flesh slowly decayed amongst the ocean detritus. Some spark still coursed through those veins though—an immense life force by any standard—and after many monsoon seasons the limb erupted in a fit of growth; the beast called Proteus emerged, renewed, from its preserved state. Knowing only its current form, but aware that it had barely survived some ordeal, Proteus was now aware of its own mortality and was thus determined to survive in this unfamiliar world.

Proteus's wanderings began innocently, but quickly turned to fear and pain. The benevolent beast terrified all that it came across, and, as legend of this sea monster spread from sandy shore to deep city, both man and mer mounted hunting parties to eradicate Proteus, for prize and glory. No harbor was safe as the Merinth trackers and Claddish treasure fleet chased poor Proteus, weaving through knotted mangroves and blackest trenches. Cornered at last in an alcove along the Redwater Reef, Proteus foresaw its own doom. As the harpoons arced down, meant to puncture its mantle and kill Maelrawn's sole offspring, something happened. Involuntarily, Proteus awakened its most powerful reflex—its survival instinct. With one massive blast of water, the murderous host went surging downward, drowned, while Proteus went soaring above the ocean surface.

With new power coursing through its veins, Proteus now understood its purpose in life and so emerged from the quiet sea to find the source of its life force. On a journey now to find its mother Maelrawn, Proteus crosses land and sea unafraid and unstoppable.


A serpentine sea monster whose appearance is that of a vast octopus, floating above the ground using its jets for propulsion and its tentacles to strike. Its attack animation is a slash with one of the front two tentacles, which sends out a blade-shaped bit of wind. Its skin is covered with mysterious patterns of deep blue dapples and cyan veins that course with power, while its eyes and the aura from its ultimate glow a bright ember orange. (Everything about the hero is intentionally genderless but I anticipate it being voiced by a female and most often referred to as female)


21 + 2.8

10 + 1.2

19 + 2.7

Movement Speed: 300

Turn Rate: 0.7

Attack Range: 400

Projectile Speed: 1000

Vision: 1800/800

BAT: 1.7

Base Damage: 27-31

Base Armor: 0.0

Attack Duration: 0.5 + 0.25s

Cast Duration: 0.15 + 0.40s



Level 10: +10 Health Regen or +25 Movement Speed

Level 15: +200 Cast Range or +90 Gold/Min

Level 20: +10 Armor or +50 Polyp Regen Rate

Level 25: +3 Jet Charges or Double Polyp/+1 Polyp per Hero



Q: RAZORWIND target unit, magical

Delivers a blast of air that pushes the target away from Proteus, dealing damage to enemies or healing allies. The target goes farther the closer they are to Proteus, given by the function: 350 + .5(range - distance).

Cast Range: 500/600/700/800

Damage/Heal: 50/100/150/200

Max Push Distance: 600/650/700/750

Push Speed: 750

  • Targets being pushed by Razorwind destroy any trees they are thrown into, within a 75 unit radius.
  • The max push distance scales with cast range, up to 700/750/800/850 with the level 15 cast range talent and 825/875/925/975 with the talent and Aether Lens.



W: POLYP target ally, magical

Proteus attaches a small piece of itself to the target ally in the form of a Polyp, providing the host ally with a base amount of bonus health that regenerates until reaching full. The Polyp remains for a duration, until killed or until its host attacks, at which point all remaining Polyp health is added to the host's auto-attack as bonus magical damage.

Cast Range: 800

Polyp Base Health: 50/75/100/125

Polyp Regen Rate: 5/10/20/25 hp/s ( 55/60/70/75 hp/s)

Duration for Max Charge: 20/15/10/10s ( 1.81/2.5/2.85/3.33s)

Max Polyp Health/Damage: 150/225/300/375

Number of Targets: 1 ( 2)

Max Polyps per Hero: 1 ( 2)

Polyp Duration: 50s

  • Polyps are indicated visually by an additional light blue health bar over the target, as well as the model of a Polyp hovering above the target.
  • Polyps do not stack with each other, unless the level 25 talent is taken. Casting a second Polyp on an ally has no effect (unless the Polyp's health was at less than its base health, at which point the new Polyp will override) but still puts the spell on cooldown. The level 25 talent prioritizes putting 1 Polyp per ally if there's more than one within range, but can put 2 Polyps on a single target if no other heroes (including yourself) are in range and have less total combined Polyp health.
  • Polyp damage does not work on buildings, but the buff and damage are NOT expended if the host attacks a structure.
  • At level 1, Proteus can place up to 2 Polyps on allies and use them to deal maximum damage during a 12 second window where they're both fully charged. With levels 2, 3 and 4 Polyp this increases to 3 max Polyps in an 8s window, 4 max Polyps in a 13s window, and 5 max Polyps in a 12s window respectively.
  • With level 3 ultimate, Proteus can extend this window up to 28s, although the Polyps lose their ability to regenerate health upon reaching full capacity. With the level 25 Polyp regen talent and an Octarine core, the window can reach up to 37.66s.

6/5/4/3s ( 0)


E: JET no target

Propels Proteus a short distance forward using its water jets. Proteus's survival instincts are so strong that it may cast Jet even while stunned, silenced, rooted, or otherwise affected by any spell which restricts movement. Jet may only be fully disabled by applying a break effect on Proteus.

Cast Time: instant

Jet Distance: 300/400/500/600

Jet Push Speed: 1500

Number of Charges: 0 ( 3)

Charge Replenish Time: 0 ( 6/5/4/3s)

  • Jet destroys all trees in its path within a 75 unit radius.



R: RAREFACTION ultimate, passive, toggle

Proteus reduces non-ultimate cooldowns by manipulating the nervous system's acute response to fear, dilating perception for allies in a radius around Proteus, but causing itself to take bonus damage from all sources.

Cast Time: instant

Cooldown Reduction: 15/25/33%

Bonus Damage Taken: 15/25/33%

Aura Radius: 900/1200/1500

Aghanim's Upgrade:

Allows Rarefaction to affect allied Ultimates, as well as increases the aura's radius to 1800/2400/3000.

  • Stacks with Octarine Core cooldown reduction, just like Arcane Rune does. Unlike Octarine Core, however, where the target must be in the AoE when casting the spell to receive the effect, Rarefaction simply begins speeding up any cooldowns when an ally comes in range of the aura. The effect ends when allies leave the aura's radius.

↓ Changelog ↓

v2.8 (Nov 2017):

  • Add double Polyp/+1 Polyp per Hero talent at level 25, move +50 Polyp Regen talent to level 20, replacing the mana regen talent
  • Heavily rework Poylp notes and mechanics, add talent values to skills
  • Increase level 10 Movement Speed talent from +20 to +25

v2.7 (May 2017):

  • Increase Strength gain by 0.3, from 2.5 to 2.8 (7.06 change to all heroes)
  • Replace -20s Respawn Time talent at level 10 with +10 Health Regen

v2.6 (Dec 2016):

  • Added Talents
  • Reduce Razorwind cast range from 700/800/900/1000 to 500/600/700/800, reducing the base max push distance from 700/750/800/850 to 600/650/700/750.

v2.5 (Nov 2016):

  • Title updated from "Kraken Offspring" to "Kraken Spawn"
  • Update Polyp mechanics after gameplay testing: Polyp now has a max duration of 50 seconds, leading to a maximum window for Polyp's damage to take effect, in effect limiting you to 2/3/4/5 possible max Polyps at a time. Polyps also now stop regening upon reaching full HP. Polyp bonus damage explicitly does not affect buildings.

v2.2 (May 2016):

  • Added Aghanim's Scepter: Allows Rarefaction to affect allied Ultimates, and doubles the aura radius.
  • Added WIP icons

v2.12 (Dec 2015):

  • Increased Jet range from 240/360/480/600 to 300/400/500/600
  • Added clarification to Polyp description, and added BKB/Linkens/Purgable icons to skills
  • Fixed gender pronouns in Appearance and added note about gender

v2.11 (Dec 2015):

  • Changed Rarefaction bonus damage taken scaling from 33% to 15/25/33%, so the spell isn't quite as punishing to use early on
  • Updated Jet travel speed to a constant 2400
  • Updated Polyp wording

v2.1 (Nov 2015):

  • Update Polyp base health scaling from 50 to 50/75/100/125, Polyp max health from 150/250/350/450 to 150/225/300/375, and Polyp regen from 5/10/15/20 to 5/10/20/25 (Full charge time now 20/15/10/10 seconds)
  • Razorwind cast range improved from 400/500/600/700 to 700/800/900/1000 (Max throw distance now 700/750/800/850)
  • Jet cooldown reduced from 9/7/5/3s to 6/5/4/3s
  • Rarefaction bonus damage taken decreased from 40% to 33%

v2.0 (Nov 2015):

  • Updated Polyp mechanism: *previously* used to block no damage and accumulate slowly until the host attacks or being knocked off by attacking the host a fixed number of times, *now* the polyp's health is used to prevent incoming damage or be expended as a single burst of damage, and the polyp constantly regens.
  • Reduced Polyp cast range from 1200 to 800, and restored old mana/cooldown values
  • Reverted experimental Jet changes, and increased Jet distance from 250/300/350/400 to 240/360/480/600
  • Increased Rarefaction bonus damage taken from 20% to 40%, and added scaling aura radius from 900 to 900/1200/1500.

v1.21 (Sept 2013):

  • Adjust Jet to now apply a strong dispel to allies Proteus passes through, as opposed to Proteus being able to cast it while CCed. Also increase cooldown and increase manacost to compensate.
  • Reworked Polyp to scale from 1 attack to 1/1/2/3 attacks, and removed the Polyp-knocking-off mechanic.
  • Rescaled Polyp max damage from 200/300/400/500 to 150/250/350/450

v1.2 (May 2013):

  • Jet manacost from 20 to 20/30/40/50
  • Polyp can now target allies, instead of just Proteus itself. Polyps are also no longer removed by attacks but do not gather damage for 3/2.5/2/1.5 seconds after an instance of 20+ hero damage

v1.10 (April 2013):

  • Entered and won the r/dota2 Create Your Own Hero Contest
  • Polyp manacost now scales from 80 to 50/60/70/80
  • Rarefaction changed from -40% damage dealt to +20% damage taken from all sources


  • Changed stat growths from 2.5/1.7/2.7 to 2.5/1.2/2.7


  • Changed Razorwind damage mechanic from sum of attributes back to 50/100/150/200
  • Razorwind cooldown from 7/6/5/4 to 6/5.5/5/4.5
  • Adjusted attributes from 21/15/19 to 21/10/19 and growths from 2.5/1.6/2.7 to 2.5/1.7/2.7
  • Changed Polyp health from 2/3/4/5 hero/tower attacks or twice as many from creeps to 2/3/4/5 of any attack, since creeps will never target the Polyps unless controlled by a hero
  • Changed Jet from charge system, one charge for each spell cast up to a maximum of 4, to a cooldown of 3 seconds
  • Added push speed to Jet


  • Razorwind now scales in cast distance
  • Changed attack range from 550 to 400
  • Remade Rarefaction from 25/50/75% effect on-self and always-on, to activable on allies by toggling the aura, with a 15/25/33% effect

Antares, the Stag Archer

Radiant, Agility

Carry / Nuker / Disabler / Escape


Antares is a terrain-dependent agility carry that heavily relies on magical damage, thanks to his ultimate Kinetic Charge which increases his movement speed, agility and magic amplification the longer he moves without stopping. Thanks to his mount he can fly over ledges and cliffs while stunning enemies with Cliff Jump, summon a temporary plateau that deals damage with Eruption, and finish off fleeing enemies with his long-range nuke Sidewinder.

↓ Background Info ↓

"I ride, for the forest!"


A growing unrest was spreading across the Kingdom of Slom. Forests heaved and fauna scrambled for cover as if some wavelike disturbance swept forth, its epicenter at the Mount of Antares—a crag some ten leagues from Slom's once great capitol. After Karroch the Beastmaster freed the King's menagerie many winters ago, it was in that very capitol that the King himself was then struck by the Mad Scepter, and eventually ordered himself beheaded. Anticipating halcyon days ahead, the formerly-warlike kin of Slom had only just begun getting used to the idea of peace and quiet. Their unrest, however, was palpable. Like a black wave through her trees, carried on the wind, some force was causing all life in the land to behave... oddly. Animals became suddenly vicious, with reports of shepherds devoured by their own flocks. Even the vinters noted that their famous muscadine had turned dark, as if the land itself was poisoned.

The people clamored for Karroch to investigate, but there was simply no way to reach the Beastmaster. Karroch had departed on a journey to find one particular beast, and told the people not to expect his return for many winters hence. As the season dragged on and foodstuffs depleted, the freemen of Slom began to lose hope. Starvation hit their youngest first, and yet from this hopelessness arose a new spark. One youngster, about the age that Karroch himself had been when he became a hero, decided to sojourn to the mount himself, hoping to learn this blight's cause.

As the boy summited the crag and looked out over the forests below, he saw something moving among the motionless landscape below. A magnificent stag suddenly lept forth from the canopy, scaling the mount's great height with a single jump. The boy could feel that it radiated forth some kind of power—an energy that runs counter to that of the darkness he had come there to defeat. The boy felt a strong connection to the stag—almost an invitation—and so hopped on its back to make the last leg of his journey. He nocked an arrow on the bow he had brought with him, and, hands quavering wildly, rounded the corner to see a shocking sight: Karroch's beast! After a silent moment the beast opened its eyes—crusted with a thick black film—and leered viciously at the boy. He heard a terrible rumbling voice in his head: "I am Antares," said the beast, telepathically. "Leave here or you and your Stag will be my next meal." Without any command by the boy, his mount began to charge the beast, and the boy knew what he must do. Hands steady at last, he loosed a spiraling shot at the beast—hitting it dead between the eyes!

At once the boy could feel change, as suddenly the Mount started to crumble around him. Turning to leave, he heard the frenzied calls of a hawk from the corner of the cave grotto. Rushing over to investigate, the boy found Karroch, barely conscious, restrained behind the beast's throne, and with him his hawk. Though the boy was not sure how, he managed free the Beastmaster just in time for them both to escape. For the heroic rescue of his town, the boy was given the name Antares in honor of the evil he had vanquished; for the daring rescue of Karroch, the revelation that he had saved his own father.


A boy riding a magnificently large, noble stag. He wields a simple bow and wears garb similar to Beastmaster's, while the stag is orangey-red in hue and glows around his hooves, antlers and eyes. The boy, Antares, has donned the same face paint as Beastmaster, but lacks the horns and beard of his father. His stag has an elaborate pattern of zodiac-like constellations etched into its fur, which glow purple and give off a mist of increasingly brighter purple particles as Antares' passive Kinetic Charge gains energy.


16 + 1.8

17 + 2.4

20 + 2.0

Movement Speed: 300

Turn Rate: 1.0

Attack Range: 575

Projectile Speed: 1200

Vision: 1800/800

BAT: 1.7

Base Damage: 29-33

Base Armor: 1.75

Attack Duration: 0.3 + 0.7s

Cast Duration: 0.46 + 0s



Level 10: +7 All Stats or +12% Evasion

Level 15: +8% Spell Amplification or +300 Cliff Jump speed from Eruption

Level 20: +50/25 Sidewinder Damage per Hero/Unit or +20% Cooldown Reduction

Level 25: -8s Eruption Cooldown or +36 Eruption DPS



Q: CLIFF JUMP passive, toggle, magical

Whenever Antares nears an elevation change such as a cliff, ramp or staircase his stag mount leaps airborne, granting him temporary flying vision and movement as well as damaging and stunning nearby enemies when he lands. Antares disjoints projectiles upon leaping, and has uncapped movement speed while airborne.

Cliff Approach Distance: 125

Leap Duration: 1.0/1.2/1.4/1.6s

Flying Vision: 300/400/500/600

Damage: 90/120/150/180

Damage/Stun Radius: 150/175/200/225

Stun Duration: 1.5/1.8/2.1/2.4s

  • Destroys trees in the stun radius upon landing.
  • While toggled on, Antares' pathing will treat elevation changes as passable.



W: SIDEWINDER target unit, magical

Fires a projectile that gains damage and speed as it passes through enemies, also dealing the base damage to enemies it passes through. Antares may fire Sidewinder in any direction without turning, and its projectile may not be disjointed.

Cast Time: instant

Cast Range: 800/1000/1200/1400

Projectile Speed: 900 + 100 per unit or hero

Base Damage: 100/150/200/250

Bonus Damage: +10/15/20/25 per unit, +20/30/40/50 per hero

  • After striking an enemy, the projectile may not trigger on that enemy again for 1s. Additional strikes on the same target grant the primary projectile speed and damage but may not damage any target more than once.



E: ERUPTION no target, magical

A plateau of earth erupts from the ground where Antares stands, elevating him and nearby units/heroes, potentially trapping Antares's enemies or providing him cover on the high ground. The spire slowly crumbles over the spell's duration, dealing damage over time then crashing down at the end of the duration to deal additional damage in a larger radius based on the spire's duration. The spire may be collapsed early by casting the ability again.

Cast Time: instant

Plateau Radius: 150/175/200/225

Plateau Max Duration: 4.5/6/7.5/9s

Plateau Damage: 15/18/21/24 per second

Collapse Damage: 15/18/21/24 per second

Max Collapse Damage: 67.5/108/157.5/216

Total Max Damage: 135/216/315/432

Collapse Damage Radius: 225/250/275/300

  • Upon cast, destroys trees in the target radius and instantly elevates all units within its radius up one "level" of height, wherein a hero in the river that gets elevated will see up to the level of the mid towers, and so on. The visual effect of the plateau appearing has a small delay, however.
  • If Eruption is cast near a cliff, any locations where the plateau meets the cliff would be path able. When cast on top of buildings or other unpathable hazards, those areas temporarily become pathable to both sides.
  • The sub-skill deals its damage instantly despite the animation of the eruption also having a short duration.

R: KINETIC CHARGE ultimate, passive

Grants Antares increased movement speed, spell amplification, and bonus Agility the longer he remains moving. Gain charge per second while moving, and lose it while stationary for more than 1 second.

Movement Speed: +1.5/2/2.5% per second

Spell Amplification: +1/2/3% per second

Agility Bonus: +2/4/6 per second

Max Charge Duration/Stacks: 20

Aghanim's Upgrade:

Charges gained during daytime now grant an increased +8/10/12 agility per second, while those gained during nighttime instead grant +4/5/6% spell amplification per second.

  • Antares loses Kinetic Charge stacks at a rate of 12/10/8 stacks per second any time he remains still, in 1 second intervals.

↓ Changelog ↓

v2.2 (May 2017):

  • Move level 25 20% Cooldown Reduction talent to level 20, add -8s Eruption Cooldown talent at level 25
  • Swap level 15 +8 All Stats talent to replace level 10 Intelligence talent, add +300 Cliff Jump speed for 1s after Eruption talent at level 15

v2.2 (May 2017):

  • Increase Strength gain by 0.3, from 1.5 to 1.8 (7.06 change to all heroes)

v2.1 (Dec 2016):

  • Added Talents
  • Eruption duration reduced from 6/7/8/9s to 4.5/6/7.5/9s, rescaling the total max damage from 180/252/336/432 to 135/216/315/432. Cooldown increased from 30/25/20/15s to 35/30/25/20s.

v2.0 (June 2016):

  • Sidewinder damage increased from 100/140/180/220 + 10/20/30/40 per unit or hero to 100/150/200/250 + 20/30/40/50 per hero and 10/15/20/25 per unit.
  • Seismic Impact renamed to Cliff Jump, changes to auto-trigger near cliffs/terrain when toggled on. Added damage, reduced stun duration, cooldown, and manacost.
  • Eruption now a normal skill E, Kinetic Shroud is now the ultimate Kinetic Charge.

v1.1 (July 2015):

  • Updated bio & Kinetic Shroud description
  • Posted to /r/dotaconcepts elevation contest

v1.0 (April 2015):

Sulliver, the Merinth Tracker

Dire, Intelligence

Carry / Disabler / Escape


Merinth Tracker is a unique blend of greed and intellect, able to farm swiftly thanks to a percentage gold boost from kills he gets with his stun Harpoon, all the while zipping around the map thanks to his ultimate, Hydroplane, which grants him incredible movement speed in the river or wherever his first spell, Water Sprite, goes first. His unique role as a melee intelligence carry comes from his skills as a tracker, wielding an extra-long melee attack range, the aura provided by his Sprite granting up to 50% lifesteal on all damage, including spells, and his last spell, Mana Wave, which allows him to restore allied mana while burning it from enemies.

↓ Background Info ↓

"The Green Knight wades into battle."


Some sea monsters are simply not meant to be caught. Or so they once said of the greatest sea terror ever, the dastardly whelk Proteus. Well, they were wrong. It takes a special breed of hunter—one with patience, cunning, AND that rare trait of tenacity—but eventually Sulliver managed to track down and nearly kill the twelve oceans' most-sought-after sea-beastie. His harpoon was mere inches from the beast's mantle when he felt a pang of sadness—remorse, even. He almost felt bad for the bloke, for just one second. You see, after spending so many sleepless nights haunting around reefs chasing someone—mer or monster or otherwise—you almost feel like he (or it, I suppose) becomes a part of you. A wee part of you. And it was that moment of hesitation that let the biggest prize he would have ever taken down escape.

Since that day, Sulliver the Merinth Tracker has taken pride in never letting a single mark escape. Driven by greed and the thrill of the hunt, he'll hunt anything from convicts to sea-creatures if the prize is large enough. With uncanny timing, startling agility and his trademark technique of slowly sapping his enemy's power, the Merinth Tracker can and will chase down any foe.


Scaley male naga with lanky form, tall headpiece, tribal beads and garb, shoulder guard, armored belt, and a long trident-tipped flexible spear. Algae and barnacles cover his shell armor. His dominant arm is a large crab claw, while he wields his spear with his normal naga hand. Runs with his crab legs but pulls them inside his shell and rides a small wave while hydroplaning.


17 + 2.2

15 + 2.4

16 + 2.5

Movement Speed: 285

Turn Rate: 0.7

Attack Range: 190 (melee)

Projectile Speed: instant

Vision: 1800/800

BAT: 1.7

Base Damage: 35-45

Base Armor: 2.0

Attack Duration: 0.35 + 0.55s

Cast Duration: 0.35 + 0.2s



Level 10: +10 Strength or +200 Hydroplane Speed on Water

Level 15: +75 Hydroplane Damage or +35 Attack Speed

Level 20: +15% Cooldown Reduction or +0.5s Harpoon Duration

Level 25: +9s Water Sprite Trail Duration or +25% Spell Lifesteal



Q: WATER SPRITE target point

Calls forth a frothy, tamed water sprite and throws it to the target point. The water sprite has flying vision and movement and leaves behind a trail of water. Grants Merinth lifesteal and spell lifesteal for all damage he deals to enemies that are near the water sprite or on its trail. Creeps will not aggro the sprite but it can be killed by just one hero or tower attack.

Sprite Base Movespeed: 400

Lifesteal/Spell Lifesteal: 20/30/40/50%

Aura Radius: 900

Cast Range: 900

Sprite Duration: 9s

Sprite Vision: 100/200/300/400

Trail Duration: 3/4/5/6s (12/13/14/15s)

Trail Width: 250

Sprite Throw Duration: 0.3s

  • When the sprite is initially thrown out, leaves behind a trail of water as it flies to the target location.
  • There may only be one Sprite at a time. Throwing a new Sprite while an existing Sprite is out causes the older one to despawn, but the trail will linger.
  • The aura lifesteal effect does not linger once the sprite disappears or is killed, however the effect does remain for enemies on the trail.



W: HYDROPLANE no target, magical

Temporarily causes the Merinth Tracker and his summoned units to vibrate at the perfect frequency to glide across water, granting uncapped movement speed and an increased base speed across water, as in the river, or over the water sprite's trail. The water sprite also gains this movement speed, plus Merinth and his sprite both gain the ability to deal magic damage to enemy units they touch. This damage is doubled in the river.

Hydroplane Duration: 6/7/8/9s

Water Movement Speed: 550/600/650/700 (750/800/850/900)

Land Bonus Speed: +50/100/150/200

Sprite/Hero Touch Damage: 75/125/175/225 (150/250/350/450 in the river, 150/200/250/300 base or 300/400/500/600 in river)

Damage Radius: 200

  • MAY go above the listed movement speed while active, but benefits from any movement speed bonuses and is affected by slows as normal.
  • The water sprite OR merinth himself may only damage each enemy once per cast.



E: HARPOON no target

Merinth primes himself to land a finishing blow with his next attack, stunning the enemy with a heavy strike and granting bonus gold if he manages to kill them or the target dies within the stun's duration.

Cast Time: instant

Range: 350

Buff Duration: 5/7/9/11s

Stun/Bonus Gold Duration: 1/1.25/1.5/1.75s (1.5/1.75/2/2.25s)

Bonus Gold: 40/60/80/100%

  • Merinth thrusts his spear forward with a gush of water, granting his Harpoon attack an extended attack range. While primed to use Harpoon Merinth goes from wielding his spear under-hand to over-hand.
  • Only Merinth can benefit from the bonus gold. Applies fully to all other bonus gold including kill streaks.
  • The Harpoon attack has true strike.
  • Even if the stun is removed, the bonus gold debuff on enemies is not dispellable.


( 160/240/320)

R: MANA WAVE no target, magical

Releases a slow charged wave that restores allied mana and washes away enemy mana, dealing magic damage equal to the mana burned. The wave follows Merinth as he moves, affecting units who come within range while always giving mana to Merinth himself. Heroes hit by the wave also briefly gain +/-Manacost Reduction for allies/enemies.

Cast Time: instant

Wave Radius: 700/800/900

Wave Speed: 300

Mana Restore: 160/240/320

Mana Burn: 160/240/320 ( 240/360/480)

Burned Mana as Damage: 100%

Manacost Reduction: +/-20/30/40%

Manacost Reduction Duration: 3s

Aghanim's Upgrade:

Mana Wave costs 33% less mana (160/240/320) and burns 50% more mana from enemies (240/360/480).

  • Mana Wave always has a net manacost of 80/120/160 (0 with Aghanim's), but may only be cast when Merinth has the full amount of mana available.
  • The wave expands at a speed of 300 units per second to its max radius, then remains at its full radius for 0.33s before receding. The total effect duration is 2.66/3.0/3.33s. May affect each target once while they are in the area, so allies with full mana or enemies with no mana will be effected if they're in the wave when their status changes.

↓ Changelog ↓

v2.0 (November 2017):

  • Switched Mana Wave from W to ultimate/R, and Hydroplane from R to W
  • Mana Wave now gives +/-Manacost Reduction (20/30/40%) to allies/enemies for a short duration (3s)
  • Hydroplane now gives a max movement speed of 550/600/650/700, with a talent available to give +200 at level 15
  • Add +75 Hydroplane Damage talent at level 15 and +200 Hydroplane Speed at level 10
  • Reduced Harpoon duration by 0.75s at all levels, but added +0.5s duration talent at level 20

v1.4 (September 2017):

  • Hydroplane now gives water sprite the ability to deal damage to enemies it touches (150/225/300, or double in the river)
  • Increase Water Sprite manacost from 70/80/90/100 to 70/85/100/115
  • Adjust wording of Mana Wave to specify manaburn spell damage more clearly
  • Added note to Harpoon clarifying that the bonus gold effect is not dispellable

v1.3 (September 2017):

  • Change affiliation from Radiant to Dire
  • Increase Water Sprite cooldown from 9/7/5/3s to 9/8/7/6s
  • Reduce Hydroplane movement speed from 600/800/1000 to 600/750/900
  • Increase level 10 talents from +6 Strength/+15% Experience Gain to +8/+20%

v1.2 (May 2017):

  • Increase Strength gain by 0.3, from 1.9 to 2.2 (7.06 change to all heroes)

v1.1 (Dec 2016):

  • Added Talents
  • Water Sprite manacost from 100 to 70/80/90/100
  • Added Aghanim's Scepter: Mana Wave costs 33% less mana (90/120/150/180) and burns 50% more mana from enemies (135/180/225/270).
  • Reduc Mana Wave cooldown from 180/220/260/300 to 135/180/225/270 (net manacost from 90/100/120/130 to 45/60/75/90)
  • Increase Water Sprite cooldown from 9/6/3/0s to 9/7/5/3s

v1.0 (April 2015):

Arcturyx, the Thunderbird

Radiant, Agility

Carry / Nuker


Arcturyx is a new breed of agility carry, similar to others who rely on magic damage but eschewing physical damage nearly entirely with two main nukes that rely on stats and deal pure damage in the form of Ion Beam and Broadside respectively. His kit also offers a supportive mobility skill, Arc Boost, which lets Arcturyx save allies or make dangerous dives of his own. His ultimate, Prismatic Wings, ties it all together by reflecting enemy spells and attacks while active, turning Arcturyx's health and mana pools into a giant Armlet-like battery that discharges and must then recharge.

↓ Background Info ↓

"These memories are not my own. I must know—why?"

"When they told me I was a prodigy... I didn't think they meant at killing."


Before he became Arcturyx, he was once a test subject in a secret Keen-folk weapons program, recruited as a child for displaying psychic abilities. One day he woke up with amnesia, grafted to a machine and reborn as a sentient bird with firearms and futuristic military technology that deflects magic.

Arcturyx's life was difficult from day one. He woke up on a burned battlefield, fallen from a passing airship—perhaps. Or, barely escaped from some far away mad scientist's coop. Or a weapon for some mad king. Either way, Arcturyx now longed for a roost, and decided to fly North. Arcturyx flew over the Wailing Mountains, finding no suitable homestead there in the high craggy peaks, and so banked upward and into the clouds. Rising up to the levels of the highest snow-capped peaks, Arcturyx turned the corner around a hazy bank of ice clouds when WHAM a shot rang out in the distance. Quickly he soared toward the sound's source, when all of a sudden came into view the ramparts of a distant walled fortress, looming above a sheer drop some thousands of feet into the clouds below. Arcturyx peered through the clouds to where he spied some sort of engagement happening in the air above it.

Zooming his view closer, Arcturyx identified what looked like several birds with similar armaments to his own: cannons and the like, encircling and attacking a convoy of airships protected by a flock of Buzz Copters. As Arcturyx approached quickly he realized he should enter the fray, but then paused. He couldn't even remember who these other birds were, or whether those ships they were attacking held innocent civilians—or untold treasures.

Arcturyx sailed past the sortie a first time, then caught an updraft and banked upward above the fracas. He peered down and wondered whether he was meant to be fighting those copters. Arcturyx certainly didn't want to any more. He wanted desperately to fight his own enemies, and find out who made him. He banked back towards the fortress and went looking for its owner. Though he found no resolution there in the fortress that day, Arcturyx would go on to recover scraps of his old life, thoughts reoccuring to him as dreams or flashes at odd moments. He was a boy once. He remembered the lab where they eventually bade him into a machine to fuse with the weapons system, and fragments of the experiments they put him through. Now he wants answers even more than before—the question is what he'll have to do to find them.


A biomechanical bird brought to life by a mad scientist. Huge steel-plated wings with crackling pads of energy that provide lift, and project a holographic field while Arcturyx's ultimate is active. Two main cannons on either shoulder remain at a 45 degree angle to be used for firing Broadside cannon rounds to either side, and to fire its primary Ion Beam Arcturyx elongates its tail and opens its beak. Auto-attacks are yellow bolts of energy thrown from its wing-tips. Arc Boosted targets gain a trail of spiraling particles as they whoosh forward. Arcturyx's colorful plumage is not made from actual feathers but from yellow and magenta sparks as the wind and enemy attacks deflect off of his advanced armor.


20 + 2.1

25 + 2.3

18 + 1.8

Movement Speed: 290

Turn Rate: 0.6

Attack Range: 600

Projectile Speed: 800

Vision: 1800/800

BAT: 1.8

Base Damage: 28-30

Base Armor: 1.0

Attack Duration: 0.5 + 0.4s

Cast Duration: 0.45 + 0.3s



Level 10: +10 Agility or +2 Mana Regen

Level 15: +20% Magic Resistance or +10% Spell Amplification

Level 20: No Manacosts in Prismatic Wings or +300 Cast Range

Level 25: 3 Broadside Charges or +40% Arc Boost Resistance



Q: ARC BOOST target ally

At the cost of reducing their turnrate to 0 initially, grants the target a fixed velocity, even while disabled, and gives the target damage reduction as well as the ability to cast spells without turning (within 90 degrees). Targets regain their turnrate slowly over the Boost's duration, and also slows enemies within a small radius.

Cast Range: 500

Boost Duration: 3s

Boost Damage Reduction: 10/20/30/40% (50/60/70/80%)

Boost Movement Speed: Ally's movespeed OR 200/250/300/350

Boost Minimum Travel Distance: 600/750/900/1050

Boost Turn Rate: 0.0 + 0.1 per 0.33s

Slow: 15/25/35/45%

Slow Radius: 500

  • Allies effected by Arc Boost will only stop moving if stunned or ensnared again after Boost has been cast, but may not stop themselves otherwise. May be cast on an ally who is stunned to force them to move while stunned, though does not remove any negative status effects.
  • Heroes under the effect of Arc Boost no longer use their standard cast animation, but use a modified animation with a duration of 0.15s and no backswing.



W: ION BEAM no target, magical

Fires an instant beam of energy in the direction Arcturyx is facing, scaling in damage, beam width and beam length based on Arcturyx's agility, strength and intelligence respectively.

Damage: 50/80/110/140 + (1.0/1.5/2.0/2.5 * AGI)

Beam Width: 75 + (0.5/1.0/1.5/2.0 * STR)

Beam Length: 500 + (4/6/8/10 * INT)

17/16/15/14s ( 0)


E: BROADSIDE vector target, pure

Unleashes five cannon shots that deal pure damage along a straight vector line the player draws. The first shot hits at the start of the line, and the remaining shots follow in regular intervals.

Cast Range: 800

Vector Line Length: 600 (Shot Spacing: 150)

Broadside Duration: 1.6s

Number of Cannon Shots: 5 (Shot Interval: 0.4s per shot)

Cannon Shot Radius: 110 (may hit up to 1510 away)

Cannon Shot Speed: 1500

Cannon Shot Damage: 40/60/80/100

Number of Charges: 0 ( 3)

Charge Replenish Time: 0 ( 17/16/15/14s)

  • The first cannon shot fires instantly while the cast animation continues. The Broadside effect can be stopped by stunning or silencing Arcturyx, but not by canceling the animation.



R: PRISMATIC WINGS ultimate, no target, magical

When first activated, Arcturyx temporarily reroutes more energy to reactive defenses, returning enemy attacks with one of his own, as well as blocking and returning a portion of damage from enemy spells. Drains health and mana while the active shields are on, up to a max duration or until the spell is activated again. When the active shields go down Arcturyx must charge to regain normal function and drops to the ground, reducing his movespeed to zero but regenerating health and mana at an increased rate. Arcturyx remains this way until he reaches full health again or max duration is reached, though he may still turn or maneuver with Arc Boost.

Discharge Health/Mana Drain: 8/6/4% per second while shield is active

Charge Health/Mana Regen: 8/10/12% per second while shield recharges/in immobile form

Max Charge/Discharge Duration: 10s

Return Attack Damage: 60/80/100%

Spell Damage Blocked/Reflected: 30/40/50%

  • Prematurely ending Prismatic Wings while Arc Boosted will override the Boost and make you stationary, but casting Arc Boost while recharging/immobile will properly grant you movement speed and turn speed.
  • The health drain from Prismatic Wings cannot be fatal to Arcturyx. Ending the active spell effect early causes the remainder of the 80/60/40% total health and mana costs to be drained instantly.
  • All reflected damage and self-damage from Prismatic Wings is magical, though the self-damage cannot be reduced by Prismatic Wings itself. This means it can, however, be reduced by items, blocked by BKB and most importantly reduced by Arc Boost.

↓ Changelog ↓

v1.5 (Dec 2017):

  • Move level 25 +300 Cast Range talent to level 20, level 20 +8% Spell Amplification talent to level 15 replacing +250 Mana, and replace level 25 -7s Broadside Cooldown with +3 Broadside Charges
  • Add +40% Arc Boost Resistance talent at level 25, and No Manacosts in Prismatic Wings at level 20
  • Increase level 15 talents from +15% to +20% Magic Resistance and +8% to +10% Spell Amplification
  • Adjust level 10 Mana Regen talent from +4 to +2

v1.4 (Sept 2017):

  • Change title from 'Warbird' to 'Thunderbird'
  • Rename 'Railgun' to 'Ion Beam' and reworded some ability descriptions

v1.3 (May 2017):

  • Increase Strength gain by 0.3, from 1.8 to 2.1 (7.06 change to all heroes)

v1.2 (Mar 2017):

  • Arc Boost now allows allies to go at their movement speed if they are not disabled, allowing them to go further than the previous spell range. The langauge about not being able to manually stop has been clarified.

v1.1 (Dec 2016):

  • Added Talents
  • Posted to @freelanceDota
  • Updated bio and Broadside skill description/mechanics, added mechanical notes about Prismatic Wings damage type, and reverted Railgun from an instant to a normal cast point.
  • Prismatic Wings no longer reduces turnrate

v1.0 (Oct 2016):

Goldwing, the Draken Miser

Dire, Strength

Carry / Nuker / Disabler


Goldwing is a carry with exponential scaling and a temperamental playstyle. Similar to a cross between Tinker and Alchemist, Goldwing bends the rules of Dota through his abilities to: buy items globally, sell items at full price, mute enemy items, use multiple copies of an item like Tinker would with Rearm, and even synthesize so much gold that it will overinflate his net worth. This hero's bizarre playstyle of selling items to deal damage relies on the player's ability to pull off clutch, micro-intensive combos without getting caught out in a fight—or else risk losing it all as your suit melts down!

↓ Background Info ↓


A small drake that touched King Midas and turned to gold. Became obsessed with wealth and filled a mountain with gold. Built a robot suit made of gold and set out on a mission to hoard up all the world's gold.


16 + 2.3

21 + 1.0

23 + 1.5

Movement Speed: 295

Turn Rate: 0.5

Attack Range: 580

Projectile Speed: 1200

Vision: 1800/800

BAT: 1.7

Base Damage: 20-24

Base Armor: 3.0

Attack Duration: 0.2 + 0.27s

Cast Duration: 0.4 + 0.2s



Level 10: +6 Strength or +3 Mana Regen

Level 15: +12% Magic Resistance or +30 Attack Speed

Level 20: +8% Spell Amplification or +15% Evasion

Level 25: +6% Physical Shop Discount or +2% Cash Out Gold to Damage


All items you touch turn to gold, granting you full resale value for items but preventing you from dropping items or giving items to allies due to the curse's deadly effect.

  • Goldwing may not purchase or wield Divine Rapier, but Gem however behaves normally.



Q: OVERHEAT target unit, magical

Slows, deals damage over time to and mutes the target, preventing them from using items for a short time. The damage over time lasts longer than the mute and slow effect.

Cast Range: 400

Movespeed Slow: 16/24/32/40%

Mute/Slow Duration: 4/5/6/7s

Burn Damage: 20/25/30/35

Burn Duration: 8/10/12/14s (Total Damage: 160/250/360/490)

  • The damage over time from multiple Overheat casts on the same target stack in duration but not damage. The slow/mute durations do not stack.



W: CASH OUT no target, magical

Sells all items in your inventory (but not backpack or stash), converting them back to reliable gold. Deals a small amount of base damage to nearby enemies, plus a percentage of the gold generated if Goldwing makes a profit on the transaction (reselling items bought directly from a physical store after skilling your ultimate).

Cast Time: instant

Base Damage: 60/80/100/120

Gold to Damage: 2%

Damage Radius: 350/300/450/500


Multiple copies of the same item provide bonus stats, and use semi-independent cooldowns. Using one copy of an item puts other copies of the item on cooldown for a short duration cooldown penalty rather than the item's full-length cooldown.

Stat Bonus: 20/40/60/80%

Cooldown Penalty: 6/5/4/3s

  • Does not effect Refresher, Hand of Midas, or BKB cooldowns.
  • Using an item still puts it on cooldown for the normal duration; only the other copies of an item are effected.
  • A second copy of boots will increase the flat base movespeed bonus, but will not allow multiple pairs to stack. Any other type of item gains a x1.2/1.4/1.6/1.8 stat bonus for each copy of an item after the first copy.

R: GOLDWING SUIT ultimate, passive

Allows Goldwing to synthesize items from gold anywhere, also granting him a discount at physical shops (in person not through couriers). Increases his backpack size. Gains two sub-abilities, Pack Swap and Rebuy, that allow him to quickly manipulate items and rotate through cooldowns. When Goldwing dies in his suit it melts down, causing him to lose ALL items in his inventory or backpack that have not been converted back to gold.

Physical Shop Discount: 2/4/6%

Bonus Backpack Slots: +3/9/15 (6/12/18 total)

  • Using his innate and ultimate, Goldwing can synthesize gold by rapidly buying and selling items. Gold is literally not an object for Goldwing once you have enough gold to maintain whatever item strategy you're going for, you just have to cash out and then rebuy items quickly in order to synthesize the amount of gold you need.
  • Selling and rebuying the same item does not reset cooldowns for Goldwing unless he is at a physical shop, otherwise the item will just have the same cooldown as before rebuying. Essentially, every item retains its cooldown even after selling unless he physically buys a new one from the shopkeeper.



D: PACK SWAP no target

(Unlocked with Ultimate)

Instantly swaps all six items in your inventory with the first six in your backpack. Once multiple rows of backpack slots are unlocked, rotates rows of items through one at a time in order. Items swapped from the backpack this way do not suffer the standard penalty cooldown for items moved from the backpack.

Cast Time: instant



F: REBUY no target

(Unlocked with Ultimate)

Rebuys the last six items (by slot, if some of those items combined to form one item) again, in the same order.

Cast Time: instant

↓ Changelog ↓

v1.4 (Nov 2017):

  • Update turn rate from 0.4 to 0.5 in accordance with 7.07 global changes

v1.3 (May 2017):

  • Increase Strength gain by 0.3, from 2.0 to 2.3 (7.06 change to all heroes)

v1.2 (Jan 2017):

  • Posted to @freelanceDota
  • Reduce Rebuy cooldown from 6/5/4s to 4/2/0s and manacost from 250/225/200 to 240/180/120.

v1.1 (Dec 2016):

  • Added Talents
  • Added base damage to Cash Out if Goldwing makes money
  • Goldwing Suit now grants +3/9/12 backpack slots for a total of 6/12/18 rather than allowing access to the stash globally
  • Renamed 'Stash Swap' to 'Pack Swap'
  • Items in the stash when you die under ultimate are safe now
  • Increased Rebuy cooldown from 0s to 6/5/4s (to control GPM gain from synthesizing items and selling them rapidly)
  • Decreased Physical Shop Discount from Goldwing Suit from 5/10/15% to 2/4/6%.

v1.0 (Dec 2015):

Sylph, the Dryad Daemon

Dire, Agility

Carry / Pusher / Support


Sylph is a pushing hero with an infestation-type lane presence like Broodmother, except that all her summons are immobile plants. A smart Sylph player will play around these deadly flora, including her invisible Deathroots, and lure their enemies into traps. Her ultimate allows her to turn a restorative Sapling, created by her passive, into a mini-tower Great Tree that acts as Sylph's respawn point—plus her ult can be used on allies to refresh a portion of a single cooldown and amplify healing received.

↓ Background Info ↓

"Their corpses will make a fine compost."


Sylph was once a priestess who worshipped daily in the shadow of the Great Tree—a celebrant of the verdant life there in the shaded grottos and lush canopies of the Emerald Forest. The sheer number of species and phyla was, at that time, unmatched by any other under Gaia's watch. One creature was unaccounted for, however: man. One day the loggers arrived and Sylph's home would never be the same.

No Prophet, no Goddess could save the towering redwoods as they ignited and smoldered. The conflagration had a mind of its own—and Sylph saw the Great Tree burn before her.

With no magick, nor weapon to stop the evil from destroying her sanctuary Sylph fled, like all other creatures and beastkind. As she wandered for many months she grew bitterly resentful of the selfish men she sometimes came across, and turned dark with vengeance. Determined to reclaim the earth for her goddess Gaia, Sylph made a pact under the blood moon of the Vernal equinox—a pact to eradicate or consume any being who would dare harm her forest.

To this day Sylph still roams the lands, planting her vicious roots high and low, near and far. Some say the Goddess of the forest died when the Great Tree burned that day, but others tell of a new deity—with fearsome wings and a deathly countenance—that may seduce even the most hardened warrior before she lures them to their death.


A small flying tree-lady with wings, made of animated bark that grew around her once beautiful humanlike form. Throws sharp leaf projectiles for her auto-attack, and summons entangling roots from the ground with her Entangling Strikes.


20 + 1.8

23 + 2.0

16 + 1.3

Movement Speed: 295

Turn Rate: 0.5

Attack Range: 550

Projectile Speed: 900

Vision: 1800/800

BAT: 1.6

Base Damage: 26-34

Base Armor: 2.0

Attack Duration: 0.5 + 0.32s

Cast Duration: 0.7 + 0.2s



Level 10: +25 Attack Speed or +225 Health

Level 15: +6 Mana Regen or +240 Gaia's Blessing Heal

Level 20: +12 Armor or +70 Deathroot Base Damage

Level 25: +100% Great Tree Damage/Health or +200 Attack Range



Q: DEATHROOT target point

Places an invisible Deathroot at the target point–a ranged ward-type unit which has lifesteal and gains damage each time it lands an attack. There is a limit to the maximum number allowed, and after a duration of inactivity any damage stacks reset.

Cast Range: 200

Deathroot Duration: indefinite

Deathroot Health: 125/250/375/500

Deathroot Armor: 3/4/5/6

Deathroot Fade Delay: 0.4s

Deathroot Lifesteal: 50/75/100/125%

Deathroot Attack Range: 550

Deathroot Projectile Speed: 1600

Deathroot Base Damage: 33-37/48-52/63-67/78-82

Deathroot Damage per Hit: +7/10/13/16

Deathroot Damage Reset Duration: 180s

Deathroot BAT: 1.0

Deathroot Damage Type: piercing

Deathroot Bounty: 20-24

Deathroot Experience: 30/40/50/60

Max Deathroot Limit: 9/11/13/15 ( 30)

  • When the maximum Deathroot limit is exceeded, the oldest one disappears.


Whenever Sylph or one of her controlled units kills an enemy, there's a chance that she will capture the energy released and spawn a tree sapling at the location of their death. Killing or assisting in killing an enemy hero is guaranteed to spawn a sapling. Sylph or her teammates can right-click saplings created this way to consume them, instantly restoring some of their health and mana. There is a limit to the maximum number allowed, and the saplings also provide a stacking health regeneration aura until consumed. Saplings are permanent, have no collision, provide no vision, and cannot be destroyed by enemies.

Creep Sapling Chance: 33/44/55/66%

Sapling Health/Mana Restore: 75/150/225/300

Sapling Health Regen Aura: 2/3/4/5 hp/s

Sapling Aura Radius: 450

Sapling Activate Radius: 150

Max Sapling Limit: 8/12/16/20 ( 40)

  • The health regen aura for Saplings within 150 units of each other do not stack. This makes the effective max health regen limit from saplings 16/24/32/40 hp/s with perfect placement.
  • When the maximum Sapling limit is exceeded, the oldest one disappears.



E: ENTANGLING STRIKES no target, physical

Grants a burst of attack speed for three attacks, with one attack always guaranteed to root the target enemy and apply an attack speed slow.

Cast Time: instant

Attack Speed Boost: 120/140/160/180

Root/Slow Duration: 2.5/3/3.5/4s

Entangle Damage: 60/80/100/120

Entangle Attack Speed Slow: 60/80/100/120

  • The first strike has a 33% proc chance, the second a 66% chance if the previous attack was not an entangle, and the last 100% if neither previous attack entangled.



R: GAIA'S BLESSING ultimate, target ally

Heals the target and refreshes a portion of a single skill or item cooldown, chosen randomly among those currently on cooldown (but weighted towards longer cooldowns). Also places a buff on the target that increases all healing received for the buff's duration. When cast on a Tree Sapling, turns that Sapling into a GREAT TREE, a fortified tree which becomes Sylph's respawn point. There may only be one Great Tree at a time, and if the Great Tree dies Sylph does as well.

Cast Range: 550

Heal: 120/240/360

Cooldown Reduction: up to 24/36/48s

Increased Healing: 30/40/50%

Buff Duration: 12s

Aghanim's Upgrade:

Doubles the number of Deathroots and Saplings Sylph may control, plus upgrades her Great Tree.

  • The increased healing buff is applied after Nature's Blessing heals the target, thus the spell does not increase its own healing.
  • If a second Great Tree is spawned the older one will disappear.
  • The spell's effects also apply to saplings turned into Great Trees, and can be used on an existing Great Tree to heal it, help keep it alive or refresh its cooldown.
  • Gaia's Blessing will ignore Teleport Scrolls, Boots of Travel, and Phase Boots unless there are no other items on cooldown. Passive cooldowns like Infused Raindrops, Linken's Sphere, Heart, Tranquil Boots and Echo Saber are completely ignored.
  • Gaia's Blessing places an effect on the target that prevents the same spell from being refreshed by Sylph again until that spell is used.

GREAT TREE summoned unit

An enormous tree that provides flying vision around the target area, attacks nearby enemies like a tower, and has lifesteal. The Great Tree takes a short time to grow, and there may only be one at a time. When Sylph dies, she respawns from the Great Tree, but if the Great Tree dies, Sylph dies also.

Great Tree Growth Time: 1.25s

Great Tree Health: 200/300/400% of Sylph's max health

Great Tree Armor: 12/14/16

Great Tree Vision: 1100/1350/1500

Great Tree Attack Range: 700

Great Tree Projectile Speed: 1600

Great Tree Damage: 100-110/175-185/250-260

Great Tree Lifesteal: 150%

Great Tree BAT: 1.0

Great Tree Damage Type: siege

Great Tree Bounty: 200

Great Tree Experience: 75

Aghanim's Upgrade:

Allies may enter the Great Tree by right-clicking it, becoming invulnerable and able to direct the Great Tree's attacks. Allows allies to Teleport to the Great Tree and also grants the Great Tree a new ability, LIFE SURGE, which may only be cast by someone inside it.

  • Sylph may not directly control the Great Tree's attacks—it changes aggro like a tower.
  • The Great Tree may not be placed within 800 range of an enemy structure, and may not target enemy structures.



Q: LIFE SURGE target unit

( Unlocked with Aghanim's Scepter)

Temporarily grants the target allied hero or unit a base amount of healing per second plus healing equal to all healing occurring around them, including that of enemies as well as all of Sylph's summoned units globally. Sylph's summoned units also gain healing for the duration.

Cast Range: global

Base Healing: 30/60/90 hp/s

Heal Absorb Radius: 900 (global for Sylph's controlled units)

Heal Absorb Duration: 4/4.5/5s

  • Sylph's summoned units gain 100% of all lifesteal from her other summoned units while active, but this healing does not contribute to the total amount healed by Life Surge's target.

↓ Changelog ↓

v1.5 (Nov 2017):

  • Increased Life Surge effects to now share lifesteal among Sylph's summoned units for the duration
  • Reduced level 15 mana regen talent from +8 to +6, in line with global regen rework

v1.4 (Sept 2017):

  • Reduced level 25 talent from 300 attack range to 200

v1.3 (May 2017):

  • Increase Strength gain by 0.3, from 1.5 to 1.8 (7.06 change to all heroes)
  • Increased Deathroot armor from 0 to 3/4/5/6, and health from 75/200/325/450 to 125/250/375/500
  • Great Tree attack range rescaled from 600/700/800 to 700, armor from 14 to 12/14/16

v1.3 (April 2017):

  • Posted to @freelanceDota
  • Change title from 'Dryad Deathwing' to 'Dryad Daemon'
  • Added Talents
  • Life Surge cast range now global
  • Reduced Great Tree health from 200/400/600% to 200/300/400%
  • Added Great Tree damage range, damage type, armor and projectile speed
  • Affixed Deathroot fade delay to 0.4s, damage reset time to 180s, and attack range to 550 units
  • Added Tree Sapling health regen aura stack limit mechanic


  • Decreased Entangling Strikes root duration from 3/4/5/6s to 2.5/3/3.5/4s

v1.1 (Dec 2015):

  • Added a healing aura to saplings, 5 hp/s stacking in a 450 unit radius
  • Added a limit to number of each type of spawn, which is increased by her Aghanim's.
  • Reworked Life Surge (aghanim's skill) so it has base healing, increase cast range from 800 to 900, and reduce cooldown from 60/50/40s to 36/30/24s
  • Rescaled Deathroot damage from 20/30/40/50 + 3/5/7/10 to 35/50/65/80 + 7/10/13/16

v1.0 (April 2016):