One thing that sets Overwatch apart from its competitive FPS cousins is that it's truly a MOBA, and in the vein of other MOBAs hopefully Overwatch will one day reach the point where fans can see their work in the game. Until that day, I intend for Overwatch Hero Concepts to serve as a gallery recognizing achievement in custom hero concepts, as well as a workshop for authors to collaborate on ideas. The goal is to accept new contributing members through exchange, and grow as a community of theorycrafters. We can influence Blizzard to add more community-driven features, and maybe even influence their hero design process, as well as help the community cope with new heroes by discussing them before they ever happen.

Shared Canon

The goal of this website is to weave a shared fabric of lore and synergistic custom hero concepts that would all work together if added to the game. That means trying not to overlap niches, characters, backstories, skills, and tropes. That also means an acceptance of each other's ideas, and to that end in order to appear on this "main" page, you must first contribute feedback and receive some feedback. Right now this site isn't set up to make that exchange especially easy, so you can submit concepts and exchange feedback via Reddit (see link at bottom of page).

What's the Point of Submitting?

In a game like Overwatch, there are only so many ways to fill each niche. By working together we can make better heroes, let everyone participate, and still give the best ideas all the attention they deserve. For now the main benefit of submitting is to see your idea on this site, but once enough traffic comes you'll receive plenty of feedback. Contributing authors will eventually receive elevated privileges on the upcoming project I've got coming up...

Coming Soon: A Full Message Board

I've hard this under way for a Dota 2-related project for a while now, and as soon as it's done I'll be releasing an update to both this and my Dota 2 personal page for all users to access a full, Reddit-like message board.


The submission functionality is finally in BETA, and I am now looking to accept hero concept submissions! Please read all of the following information before submitting:

What Makes A Good Idea?

Iteration. Receiving feedback and looking at an idea over and over is what makes it better, in my experience. Not making new ideas every day but taking a few ideas and really working with them over time. This site is being designed as we go along to fit my personal creative process and will reflect the three stages of hero design as I see them. When you submit your hero concept, you should know which one of these categories it falls into:

I. Rough Draft: any hero with incomplete skills or numbers

II. Work in Progress: a concept with mechanics or numbers that need tweaking

III. Polished Concept: complete with full art, icons, backstory and finalized skills

Hero Criteria

For now there are 4 steps to actually putting your first rough draft or WIP on the site:

• Give constructive feedback on a hero concept on this site.

• Receive feedback on a draft or WIP concept from at least 1 contributor.

• Upload a self-consistent, minimally formatted hero concept. If your grammar or formatting is too messy I may ask you to remove or rewrite it.

• Respond to messages and discussion about your concept, including feedback received during the process of adding it to this page.

Art Submissions

Artists can submit icons for any skill or hero that's missing a complete set, at any time, with the assumption that you will submit to feedback from the contributing authors of the concept you offer to help with. The goal is to match Blizzard's art style, including in biography/writing, and artists should work together to come to agreement when differing visions for a hero occur.

File Upload

This functionality is still undergoing testing. For now you may upload any concepts as .txt files (Reddit markdown formatting preferred), and upload images as .jpeg, .png, or .gif. For now I will manually handle uploads by placing them on the webpage, but if you want to receive direct links to your concepts when they're ready please include contact information in the form of a Reddit handle or email account, included as a "contact.txt" file upload or sent to me via Reddit PM.

Freelance_Fox (admin)


Hi I'm Jon, aka freelance, and so far this project is just me. I'a 24yo Software Engineer from Florida. My main background is in Dota 2 theorycrafting and analysis over the past 5+ years but before that I played at an amateur competitive level in Team Fortress 2 and Counter Strike: Source. As an Overwatch fan I want to become one of the foremost analysts, not only from a competitive but also from a theorycrafting standpoint. Right now I'm an obsessed Symmetra main but I haven't played competitive until this season, season 4, opting instead to mostly watch professional Overwatch streams more than play just like back in my Dota 2 days. My general approach to problem-solving is scientific/mathematical, which is something I find lacking in Overwatch as in most games. I'm also interested in broadcasting and writing software for streaming.

Playstyle / Attitude

I'm a Flex player and highly-tuned towards utility heroes, the ones that don't quite fit into any one category like Symmetra or Sombra. Especially from my TF2 days I'm pretty good at Pharah and Tracer but I find it hard to fit a rotation of these heroes into most pub teams without some communication. My approach to balancing is like my approach to playing Symmetra: maximize upsides and minimize downsides. Learning through trial and error leads to optimal efficiency, and good teammates can signifcantly increase your odds of success in both processes.